As you ponder every new year, and you think about the changes that you would like to see in your life, it might be best if you get your priorities straight. Consider your priorities this year.


You might want to quit smoking, exercise more or lose weight. You might want to eliminate your unhealthy relationships or start developing a stronger relationship with your partner, friends or family. Whatever you want, remember that your greatest priority should always be to develop stronger relationships with God.

Loving Yourself

One of the most important things that you need to remember is to forgive yourself of your past. Loving yourself actually mean having the ability to forgive yourself of the past mistakes that you have committed, and then, by placing your priority on loving ourselves and God, you can start relying on Him for your guidance.

When you start placing your priorities on getting closer to Him, and once you seek first God’s kingdom, He will always guide you. Perhaps, it is only the best “resolution” that you should make – to strengthen your relationship with God and seek His kingdom.

The Time Is Now!

This is the best time for you to make a special commitment to spend time thinking about Him and always consider God in every choice that you make and every action that you do. Spend time with God in prayer as well as meditation each day.

Spend some time reading the scriptures and allowing His Words to guide you, and through God’s guidance, set realistic goals. Moreover, you need to bear in mind that starting a spiritual resolution is not all about reading the scriptures; it is also about considering Him in every decision and choice that you make.

Use your better judgment and your wisdom in choosing. When faced in a decision to do good or otherwise, always think about how your relationship with God will be affected in every decision that you make.

You’re Never Alone

When you commit mistakes, never allow yourself to get bogged down, especially when you stumble. Always maintain the right attitude. Rather than thinking that you are the worst batter, just think of yourself as you’re the best pitcher. You also do not have to do things alone. This is the reason behind your community of faith. You will always have a source of strength to support each other.


Aliter enim explicari, quod quaeritur, non potest. Puta bam equidem satis, inquit, me dixisse.

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