Oftentimes, people feel that things are becoming even worse and more complicated. They pray daily but it seems that God is not answering their prayers. In such a case, it is important for you to assess your life. What is lacking? What are the things that you need to change and do?

If you want to enrich your spirituality, praying is not really enough; it is also highly important to study God’s teachings through reading the scriptures. Setting aside time every week to study God’s teachings will bring changes into your life, especially if you put what you have learnt into practice.

However, the problem with many people is that they lack time due to their busy schedule. But if you really want to improve your life, you can always find the time. To help you manage your time and understand more of His teachings, there are some valuable things you need to keep in mind.

Planning Daily Scripture Reading

Oftentimes, people find it hard to have time for scripture reading, but if you have enough willingness to study the word of God, no schedule is hectic, and no person is busy.

You need to dedicate time to study His teachings. Always set aside a particular amount of time at least each week to study the scriptures. If you are serious about understanding the scriptures and deepening your knowledge about God’s word, then you also have to be very serious about studying it.

God wants His children to study His words, so He is helping us to study all His words; all we need to do is to turn to Him and always ask Him in prayer. Keep in mind that the Word of God and Prayer always go hand in hand. These are both important when studying.

When you start studying His words, you need to have a purpose. What do you want to learn? What principle would you want to further your knowledge? Always pray for help in choosing a purpose and you will see how meaning your scripture study will be.

You may take down notes as you study the scriptures. This can help you more to fully understand the meaning of the things you have found. Studying his teachings also involves great effort and faith, so you need to understand these things, and you will see how your life has changed.


Aliter enim explicari, quod quaeritur, non potest. Puta bam equidem satis, inquit, me dixisse.

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