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You don’t have to listen to another story about Guardian Angels. You only have to close your eyes and exhale… You only have to ask them… You only have to think about them… We don’t need to know any rituals to delve into the vast source of their love for us. What is more important is our trust and devotion. This is the key to connect with your Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angels and how to contact them

Instead of numerous solutions to contact your Guardian Angel, our crystal clear intention, trust and desire to connect to them is what we need. Even if it’s only for them to help us solve one of our problems, with which we simply cannot deal ourselves doesn’t mean that we’re contacting them for selfish reasons. We always have the right to ask them for support and we don’t have to hesitate before we speak our mind and pray to our Guardian Angel. There are no terms that we have to fulfil if our thoughts are clean and intentions fair. Everyone has a right to as for love, money, job, success or wellbeing of their loved ones.

Don’t be afraid

Oftentimes we fear that we don’t deserve support. People are afraid to ask their Guardian Angels for support because they feel sinful, unworthy or just plain undeserving. But Guardian Angels are not there to judge us. They don’t criticize us. They bring joy and they do everything they can to help us. They love us and accept us just the way we are. Angels can see perfection in us, that we are unable to notice. For them, we are created in the image of Our Father, the Divine Source, so we have a drop of divinity in us too. It’s barely visible under our choices and behaviours. But it’s there. In spite of our emotional decisions and many vices, this spark of divinity is still there. What we call spiritual development is actually not letting this spark go. It’s searching for that perfection in ourselves that only Guardian Angels can see.

Why you have to ask your Guardian Angel for help?

One of the most important gifts God gave us is free will. That’s why we need to personally ask our Guardian Angels for help. They can’t interfere with our lives on their own accord. They can’t give us advice or protect us from evil without being asked. We are sometimes wondering why angelic presence manifests unexpectedly in someone’s life even if that person didn’t ask their Guardian Angel for help. It simply means that this person prayed fervently to his or her Guardian Angel as a child. That way they gave them a right to protect them.

Guardian Angel prayer that we know from our childhood is a great way to communicate with him. It connects us to angelic energy. Sometimes we don’t need anything else, just a simple word of devotion. We can also use our own words to ask for help. Trust that it will be answered in time. Just believe in their presence and love.

Don’t listen to naysayers

There’s one more thing that I want you to know. Some people and “gurus” are saying that you shouldn’t ask Guardian Angels for help because we could attract some mythical “evil energies”. I can assure you it doesn’t work like that. It’s not without a reason that a Guardian Angels is often presented with a child at its feet. Guardian Angels are assigned to assist people. They are closest to us. Their reason to exist is protecting us from evil. When we pray to our Guardian Angel none other “energy” doesn’t have access to us. Calling our Angels we are opening a path to Angelic Energy. Using a word for “Guardian Angel” in any language we are opening a channel to connect with them. This word alone brings positive vibrations to our lives. I’m not questioning other “evil” energies, but Angelic protection is particularly good at protecting us from evil. I know. I experienced it.

Guardian Angels are the Most Beautiful energies in the Universe. To contact them, to speak to them and to experience their presence is to experience Divinity. I hope every one of you reading this will be able to see their light.

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